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Used cars

After a quality used car? You can't go wrong with McGrath Liverpool 

Why buy a used car from McGrath Liverpool? 

Opening as a service station in 1938, McGrath Liverpool has not only evolved into a household name but has also gained the trust of the many customers that have walked through the doors over the last 70+ years. All of those decades of experience mean you get the best prices, the best customer service, and the best ongoing care for your used car. It doesn't stop there, here are some more reasons as to why you should buy your next used car at McGrath Liverpool.

Here to Stay

We have not only been around for over 70 years, but we are here to stay. This means that we are here to provide you with ongoing professional care even after you have driven out of our dealership in your certified used car. Click here to contact our service team. 


We value your trade-in therefore you can be certain that we will pay top dollar for your trade-in. We have expert used vehicle valuers onsite at all times that will ensure you are getting the most out of your trade-in. Our expert valuers will take everything into consideration as there are many factors that determine how much a car is worth outside of the year, condition, and mile.

Click here to ask us a questions about your trade-in.

Certified Used Vehicles

When buying a used vehicle from McGrath Liverpool be assured that you are only buying the best. All of our used car stock is certified to McGrath Standards and is run through a 100 Point Mechanical Certification Test before its even displayed on our yard. When one of these vehicles is good enough to have met the strict Certification Standards, you can be certain that you are looking at one of the best used vehicles available.